Girls ECNL Composite Team

I wanted to give you some basic information on our NEW ECNL U 18/19 Composite Program. There are still some details to be finalized as the ECNL doesn’t confirm everything until late July/early August but this is what we know at this point.

  • This team will be in addition to our U 18/19 01/02 ECNL Team and will compete in a league with other clubs composite teams.
  • Kate Green, the current Associate Head Coach at PLU, former collegiate player, and full-time WPFC Staff coach will be the Head Coach of this team.
  • 10-12 game Regular Season. So far Crossfire, SU, Pac, WPFC, Crossfire United (OR), and FC Portland have committed teams into the league. Eastside FC is the only club that has not committed at this point but still may which would give this group 12 games.
  • There is a National Playoff Competition for the Winner of this league next Summer 2020 in North Carolina.
    Along with this playoff structure, there may be the opportunity to attend a National Composite event. These event dates and locations have not been determined yet as they are gathering interest and information nationwide from all the clubs at this point in time.

  • This group will attend at least two college showcase (a couple of options): Silverlakes Event – Summer 2019 and Players Showcase Las Vegas – March 2020.
  • This group will have regular contact with the 01/02 ECNL team coached by Scott Ford. Players on the composite roster will have the flexibility to move up and play with the 01/02 ECNL team should those opportunities arise.
  • We feel like the ECNL Platform is THE BEST College platform in the country in regards to exposure.
  • We would also still have the option to play RCL and State Cup as well, but that depends on the overall game schedule/load once everything is finalized. We want to be careful of how many games we play as too many can be detrimental to the player’s health.

    If you have any questions please reach out to our Girls/ECNL Director Scott Ford at or his cell phone is (253) 335-6298.

    Also, my contact information is below and am here to help answer any questions.

    Seth Spidahl
    WPFC Director of Coaching
    (253) 376-7687
    Twitter: @WAPremier
    Instagram: @washingtonpremierfc