College Program Overview

College Prep Information

Getting the Ball Rolling

April 2020

Washington Premier FC is tuning up their College Prep program and as we move into a new seasonal year, we wanted to highlight key component parts of the program and share contact points for the program.

During the upcoming year, WPFC will hold age group-oriented seminars to offer orientation and training for our high-school age players and their parents. The club has established a relationship with Alumni Emily Glass who is the founder of True Potential College Consulting.  Emily is a former Division 1 player and her practice specializes in helping student athletes understand and navigate the college recruiting process.  .

WPFC will continue to offer the wide-ranging services like  Collegefitfinder to players as well as publish its college prep quarterly newsletter.

Webinar Events (incase you missed them)


College ID Camp

WPFC will be publishing the 2020/21 College ID Camp Dates ASAP.

Upcoming Newsletter Publishing Dates

August 1, Oct 1, Dec 1, Feb 1, March 1, May 1

College Coordinator Contacts

Girl’s Coordinator:   Scott Ford at

Boy’s Coordinator:  John Yorke at

Boys’ and Girls’ College Advisor:  Emily Glass at