Volunteer Hours

How to Check your Hours:

Click on the above link to check your volunteer hours completed for the 2019/20 season.  The spreadsheet is in alphabetical order by last name. You will only be able to view the sheet. There is a lot of clerical intervention that goes into tracking the hours. If you feel there is a discrepancy, please contact Cheryl Mercuri for resolution.

General Volunteer Information:

It is with volunteer help from our membership that Washington Premier FC is able to fundraise dollars to help keep the soccer fees stable and to raise the funds needed to improve our soccer complex.  It is the expectation of the club, that each family complete 6 hours of volunteer work per season.  The club provides families the option to buy out of their volunteer hour commitment at the rate of $25 per hour.   If you want to buy out of your hours, contact Cheryl Mercuri.  

2019/20 Opportunities 

  • Pre-Auction Committee–Coming soon
  • June Complex Clean-Up–Coming soon
  • Rainier Challenge Girls Prep–Coming Soon
  • Rainier Challenge Girls Tournament Shifts–Coming Soon
  • Rainier Challenge Boys Prep–Coming Soon
  • Rainier Challenge Boys Tournament Shifts–Coming Soon
  • Summer Junior Classic–Coming Soon
  • River Jam Prep–Coming Soon
  • River Jam–Coming Soon
  • Dinner Event, Pre-event Help–Coming Soon
  • Dinner Event–Coming Soon
  • Dinner Event Bakers–Coming Soon
  • Misc. Opportunities–Coming Soon

Volunteer Reminders:

  • Every volunteer must sign in and sign out to get credit.   If you don’t sign out, you won’t get credit.
  • If working at the tournament, volunteers need to wear a safety vest.
  • Volunteers must be 18 years or older for the majority of the events, for the dinner event 21 due to alcohol being served
  • If you sign in for a shift it is the expectation that you work the entire shift.  Having 3 family members sign in for one hour doesn’t work.  It leaves us heavy on the front end of the shift and light on the back end.
  • Tournament Parking is where we always need the most help. If you get assigned to parking, understand it based on need.
  • If a shift is full, meaning we have every position staffed, do not write your name in for the shift.
  • If on-line sign-up is being used, follow the instructions on the sheet.
  • Based on your mobile device, you may need to download an application to be able to edit the google document.