Frequently Asked Questions

When are your tryouts?

WPFC’s tryouts are a two-day event. Tryout dates have been established for all age groups/birth years, specific times still to be announced for those tryouts occurring in April and May. All tryouts will be held at Washington Premier’s complex located at 5702 44th Street East, Puyallup 98371. WPFC’s complete tryout calendar is on this page.

Where are practices held?

All practices are held at Washington premier’s complex located at 5702 44th street east, Puyallup, WA 98371. In 2016 we completed the construction of our third turf field. This has expanded WPFC’s complex enough to accommodate all team practices, even during the winter months, when we are limited to turf only.

Is there a number that I could call to chat with a coach?

Please email the office address, and a member of WPFC’s soccer leadership team, will answer soccer specific questions for all age groups.

What are the costs including club dues, uniforms costs and traveling fees?

The 2019 annual club fee for a U9 and U10 players is $1,700, for U11 and above players it is $2400. The club fees include the following; coaching fees, referee fees, affiliation fees, state cup entry fee, insurance, administrative fees and maintenance costs at the complex. Club fees are payable over a set payment term, to review the different payment terms, please click here

Our uniform supplier is Cost of the uniform is a player’s family expense and responsibility. Uniforms are purchased every two years, with even years a purchase year, odd years a fill-in year. The estimated cost (before shipping and tax) for all required pieces is approximately $300 for an adult kit and $280 for a youth kit.

Traveling and additional team fees are determined based on the tournaments and or events the coach chooses for the team to attend. Our Black/ECNL teams are the highest travel teams and do attend multiple tournaments out of state which can include airfare. Coaches typically will hold a meeting within two weeks of team formation to review the tournament/event schedule and provide estimated team expenses.

How often do premier teams practice?

All Washington Premier teams practice 3 days a week, unless the coach feels downtime is warranted based on tournament play etc.

How far do team’s travel?

Other clubs in the RCL fall league include clubs from Bellingham, Spokane, Yakima, Tri-Cities and Vancouver. This gives you an idea of how far you could travel. Travel will be based on the other teams in the division that your child’s team is placed in. Division placement does not take place until after all tryouts are completed and is released with the schedule over the summer.

Does your club/coaches work with players who do not play on Sundays? If so, are they penalized with less playtime on Saturdays?

Our players are never penalized for not being available on Sunday to play. It is the policy of Washington Premier FC not to discriminate against any player or family member because of race, sex, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, development disability or national origin.

Is a schedule of tournaments/games available before accepting a roster spot on a team?

The coach should have an idea of what tournaments the team will be entering, however, there may be some tournaments that have not established or announced their dates, especially those events in calendar year 2018. Washington Youth Soccer oversees the fall RCL league play schedule and historically the schedule is released in August to clubs for internal club assigners to assign specific game times and fields.

Is it possible to be a practice only player?

There have been cases where Washington Premier has allowed, “practice only players”. Each situation is looked at on an individual basis and the final decision is at the discretion of the director of coaching with feedback from the team coach.

How does your club compare with other clubs in the area?

Washington Premier teams play at the most competitive level that the state of Washington has to offer. We also have teams that participate in regional competitions and our ECNL program (U13-U19 girls and boys teams) competes on a National platform. Washington Premier has a very highly talented coaching staff and continues to attract the best coaches in the area. Our complex provides one venue for all games and practices and is easily accessible from I-5 and River Road (HWY 167). Our club fees are very competitive with other premier clubs in Washington.

If a player has prior commitments (e.g family event or special interest camp) in the summer is he/she allowed to miss games or practices?

WPFC understands that players may have other commitments beyond soccer. We encourage players to talk to their coach and go over any conflicts as soon as possible. If the team roster has 18 or fewer players, players are still responsible for team expenses incurred at events that the team participates in and the player does not because of other commitments.