Club Expectations

Coach Expectations

Club Coaches and Trainers are bound by the Codes of Conduct of WYS and WPFC. WPFC coaches sign a Code of Conduct. You can expect them to be on time and properly attired. Coaches and Trainers are role models for the teams and will display behavior appropriate to their position in the club.

Player Expectations

Players will be asked to sign a player code of conduct. They are expected to show up on time for each training session, unless excused by the coach. Players are expected to arrive for games at the designated time ready to warm-up.

Parent Expectations

Parents will be asked to sign a parent code of conduct. They will be supportive of the entire team. They will not interfere with players, coaches or officials during and immediately following games. Positive behavior is expected at all times. Parents will adhere to the payment schedule designated within the team budget.