Our Teams

We take great pride in our ability to develop technically proficient, independent thinking, and hard working players within a style that emphasizes modern attacking and defending principles.

Four Pillars of Attacking

  1. We will play a positive, possession-oriented style that builds out of the back and through midfield
  2. We will play with a minimum amount of touches whenever appropriate to establish a two-touch rhythm
  3. We will look to exploit moments of transition as efficiently as possible
  4. Our players will be free to interchange positions as a result of their movement off the ball

Four Pillars of Defending

  1. We will employ high pressure and immediate chase tactics for five seconds upon losing possession
  2. We will maintain a compact shape when defending
  3. We will look to maintain a single extra player in our final line of defense
  4. We will utilize a central screening midfielder in our defensive shape

Girls Teams

2017-2018 ECNL Teams
Age Group

Head Coach
U1999/00 ECNLJonas TanzerBrenday SouplyECNL
U1701 ECNLSeth SpidahlKeri BurksECNL
U1602 ECNLJonaz TanzerAndrea RichECNL
U1503 ECNLSeth SpidahlJenell MartinsonECNL
U1404 ECNLScott FordTige EakinECNL/RCL Div. 1
2017-2018 WYS/RCL Teams
Age GroupTeamHead CoachManager League
U1999 BlackRob WalkerStefanie KimballRCL Div. 1
U1999 WhiteJill GreenDeena CummingsRCL Div. 2
U1701 BlackScott FordDeAnna WilliamsRCL Div. 1/FWRL
U1701 WhiteBrandon ScottBrian JenningsRCL Div. 3
U1701 NavyDan Keene/Kate GreenMike MiddlebrooksRCL Div. 3
U1602 BlackJonas TanzerBrooke FergusonRCL Div. 3
U1503 BlackKevin SkinnerKendall LeithRCL Div. 1
U1503 WhiteAdam KimballMolly BodhaineRCL Div. 3
U1404 BlackJill GreenJanel VacaRCL Div. 3
U1305 Pre-ECNLMatt WellingKadee CoatneyRCL Div. 1
U1305 BlackJake GillenShannon Maricle-ConroyRCL Div. 2
U1206 BlackMatt WellingBruce DivanoRCL Div. 1
U1206 WhiteJill GreenKara TrainorRCL Div. 2
U1206 NavyJoe RossAmber StringerRCL Div. 4
U1107 BlackKate GreenRachel McNultyRCL Div. 1
U1107 WhiteJimmy FiorettiBrianna SchumacherRCL Div. 2
U1008 BlackKate GreenSandie SalemaRCL Div. 1
U1008 WhiteJoe JordanNicole SykesRCL Div. 2
U1008 NavyJamie BloomstineShannon NeelyRCL Div. 4
U909 BlackRichard UnsworthStephanie WeberRCL Div. 1

Boys Teams

2017-2018 WYS/RCL Teams
Age Group
Head Coach Manager
U1999 BlackJason PrenovostLane EldridgeRCL Div. 1
U1999 WhiteJonas TanzerChad NeilsonRCL Div. 1
U1999 NavyRandy HansonTabitha FarleyRCL Div. 3
U1800 BlackKevin SkinnerKelley JeanRCL Div. 1
U1800 WhiteTodd MurrayDonna FieldRCL Div. 2
U1800 NavyJamie BloomstineLeah BairRCL Div. 3
U1701 BlackJohn YorkeEric MaldonadoRCL Div. 1
U1701 WhitePeter VoilesScott PriceRCL Div. 2
U1701 NavyTodd MurrayDarin ReedyRCL Div. 3
U1602 BlackJason PrenovostMaria UrbinaRCL Div. 1
U1602 WhitePeter VoilesBrandon BowieRCL Div. 4
U1602 NavyTim BartroKelley JeanRCL Div. 4
U1503 BlackRob WalkerRebecca ManglonaRCL Div. 1
U1503 WhiteHenry RobicheauGina DubinskyRCL Div. 2
U1503 NavyJake GillenTina BurbridgeRCL Div. 5
U1404 AcademyMichael DonneTracy Abdella USSF DA
U1404 BlackTim BartroBrett HendrickxRCL Div. 1
U1404 WhiteDennis PichetteMaureen GrahamRCL Div. 3
U1305 AcademyScott FordAngela Byrum USSF DA
U1305 BlackJake GillenLeanne ShuckRCL Div. 1
U1305 WhiteJay PettitSandra WilliamsRCL Div. 3
U1206 AcademyMichael DonneJennifer Adams USSF DA
U1206 BlackRichard UnsworthDenise Hodges-BondRCL Div. 2
U1206 WhiteBrandon ScottTerry RussellRCL Div. 4
U1107 BlackSeth Spidahl/Michael DonneKristine SpidahlRCL Div. 1
U1107 WhiteDennis PichetteChris HuttonRCL Div. 2
U1107 NavyBrandon HenryIan BauerRCL Div. 4
U1008 BlackTodd MurrayStephanie HansonRCL Div. 1
U1008 WhiteJoe BirklidShamaela KhanRCL Div. 2
U1008 NavyJimmy FiorettiJessica GilletteRCL Div. 4
U1008 GoldBrandon HenryStacey BeasleyRCL Div. 5
U909 BlackKevin SkinnerDerek LyonsRCL Div. 1
U909 WhiteJoe RossRob PorterRCL Div. 2