Class of 2020 Commits

NCAA Signing Guidelines

On November 13, 2019 WPFC seniors started to sign letters of intent to play soccer at the next level.  Our seniors will continue to sign with schools  through August 1, 2020.  Congratulations to all that have committed to play at the next level.  The list will continue to grow as more seniors make their decision.

Washington Premier Players Signing Letters of Intent

Avery Ahearn (02/01 ECNL Composite)—Western Oregon University
Donovahn Allen (02/01 ECNL)—Seattle Pacific University
Elizabeth Basile (02/01 ECNL Composite)—University of Montana
Sophie Beadle (02/01 ECNL)—Seattle Pacific University
Elsa Bley (02/01 ECNL)—Stevens Institute of Technology
Haley Bolen (02/01 ECNL Composite)—Pacific Lutheran University
Eric Bunnell (02/01 ECNL)—Western Washington University
Kaylee Coatney (02/01 ECNL)—University of Utah
Nikayla Copenhaver (02/01 ECNL)—University of Wyoming
Abby Cretti (02/01 Black)—Northwest University
Cecelia Crosby (02/01 ECNL)—San Jose State University
Emily Darcy (02/01 ECNL Composite)—Central Washington University
Madilynn DePhillips (02/01 ECNL)—Hawaii Pacific University
Cole DiMatteo (02/01 ECNL)—Westmont College
Liam Elliott (02/01 ECNL)—
Lauren Forster (02/01 ECNL)—Seattle Pacific University
Gabi Franco (02/01 ECNL)—
Rae Gerking (02/01 ECNL)—University of Wyoming-
Hailey Hansen (02/01 ECNL Composite)—Clarkson University
Sophia Jeter (02/01 ECNL Composite)—Pacific Lutheran University-
Craig Johnson (02/01 ECNL)—Pacific Lutheran University-
Olivia Lowen (02 Black)—Trinity Western University
Mia Mahaffey (02/01 ECNL Composite)—Seattle Pacific University
Morgan Mihelich (02/01 ECNL)—Southern Utah University
Morgan Miles (02/01 ECNL)—Boise State University
Logan Oyama (02/01 ECNL)—Princeton University
Alyssa Peters (02/01 ECNL)—University of Idaho
Kaeli Ploettner (02 Black)—
Braeden Pryor (02/01 ECNL)—Westmont College-
McKenzie Sinclair (02/01 ECNL)—Idaho State University
Sammy Tafolla (02/01 ECNL)—Pacific Lutheran University
Meredith Udovich (02/01 ECNL)—University of Montana
Noah Urbina (02/01 ECNL)—
Anthony Valdovinos (02/01 ECNL)—
Hailey Weinkauf (02/01 ECNL Composite)—Washington State