Class of 2019 Commits

New signing period rules for 2018-19 school year

Starting in the 2018-19 school year, significant updates to the signing period rules are going to speed up the timeline for seniors looking to sign with a school. In the past, there was an early signing period (usually in November) followed by a break over the holidays (dead period) before signing NLIs resumed in the spring during the regular signing period. Starting this year, all athletes outside of football and men’s and women’s D1 basketball players can begin signing scholarships on November 14, 2018 and continue to sign anytime through August 1, 2019.

Washington Premier Players Signing Letters of Intent

Jaylin Borden (G00/01 ECNL)—Arizona State
Makenzie Burks (G00/01 ECNL)—Western Washington University
Alexandra Campigotto (G00/01 Black)—Saint Martin’s University
Madison Grande (G00/01 ECNL)—Concordia University
Jami Hughes (G00/01 Black)—Pacific Lutheran University
Mitchell Hutter (B01 Black)—Western Washington University
Rachel Kimura (G00/01 ECNL)—Seattle University
Maddie Morgan (G00/01) ECNL—Eastern Washington University
Monique Nagel (G00/01 ECNL)— Seattle University
Megan Nail (G00/01 ECNL)— University of San Francisco
Austin Platt (B00 Black)—Saint Martin’s University
Laura Pierson (G00/01 ECNL)—University of Idaho
Ashley Price (G00/01 ECNL)—Concordia University
Lorna Shelton (G00/01 Black)—University of Minnesota Crookston
Riley Walkington (G00/01) ECNL—Eastern Washington University
Cameron Weller (B01 Black)—Grand Canyon University