05 Sounders Academy Retain Youdan Cup

Seattle Sounders have managed to take the title of U14 Champions from Sunderland as they faced off against Charlton Athletic, an old rival from the 2016 final where their U16s were victorious.

The current U14 champions Seattle Sounders continued their strong performance as they went nearly undefeated throughout the entire tournament.  Seven WPFC players contributed to the effort for the Sounders to retain the Youndan Cup in England. Congratulations to the following WPFC Players who helped defend the trophy!

Michael Luande – B05 DA
Jaggar Judkins – B05 DA
Victor Cabanas – B05 DA
Gabe Hernandez – B05 DA
Farhan Moustafa – B05 DA
Tate Jones – B06 DA
Antonio Herrera – B05 DA (alum of B04 DA)

For complete scores and highlights of Youdan Cup  click HERE