2018 Proposed Club Fees

Program Costs

Playing premier soccer is more expensive than recreational or club select programs. Washington premier’s fees are very competitive with other local premier clubs and the club offers a monthly payment plan.  Length of the plan varies by age group/gender.  Below is a breakdown of the costs associated with playing soccer at Washington Premier.

Uniform Kits

Every even year, WPFC players are required to purchase a complete uniform kit that includes home and away jersey, shorts and socks, backpack, warm ups, and training t’s. The uniform is the  financial responsibility of the player.  Even years are purchase years, odd years are fill-in years.  2018 will be a purchase year.

Club Costs

The club costs are fees collected to cover the following expenses:  coaches fees, association, state, RCL and ECNL league and scheduling fees, state cup entry fee, facility maintenance insurance, administrative costs, referee fees, fee assistance, sanitation and other expenditures as outlined in the program.   Other expenditures incurred other than those covered by the club fees are determined by each individual team and are the financial responsibility of the team and the players (see team dues)


Washington Premier has multiple fundraising events throughout the year.  The revenues from these events offset club costs, provide funds for dues assistance and help in maintaining our field complex. Individual teams can offset their team dues by carrying out team fundraising. This is encouraged especially for teams that travel extensively.

Team Dues

This amount is calculated by the team manager and treasurer and covers the cost of the team entering tournaments, team travel expenses, coach’s travel, renting additional field time when necessary, etc. This amount depends on the level of the team (the “Black” and ECNL teams do more travel and enter more expensive tournaments/events so their team dues are higher). Typically team dues will be discussed in detail at your first team meeting along with the payment schedule.

Volunteer Hours

It is through volunteer work that the club staffs and supports all club fundraising events.  It is the expectation of the club that six (6) hours per family are completed throughout the year. Families can choose to opt out of the volunteer commitment at the rate of $20 per hour.