Mission Statement

1 Club 1 Mission

Through competitive soccer and a commitment to excellence we provide young men and women an experience that will guide the development of their character, athletic, academic and leadership abilities and their sense of community.

Washington Premier FC. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

About WPFC

Washington premier FC (WPFC) is built upon the combined history, leadership, knowledge and experience of the FC Royals and FC United. Wpfc will continue to strive for excellence both on and off the field, we are committed to the development of the entire individual, WPFC emphasizes the importance of every player excelling both on the field and academically while encouraging active community responsibility.

The club is affiliated with us club soccer, Washington Youth Soccer Association & US Youth Soccer Association which are in turn affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation. The USSF is the USA’s member organization of FIFA, the sponsor of the world cup soccer games.

Our staff is dedicated to the players. We believe long-term success is attained through the development of both technical and tactical ability rather than simple game results. Our coaching staff is not only one of the finest assembled in our region, but the entire nation.

Past players have progressed from state youth champions to collegiate national champions. Many of our alumni have graduated from our club and successfully moved into collegiate and professional soccer careers.

WPFC was the first Washington soccer program to have senior adult teams for women and men as well as a full-time year round youth development academy. The club owns and operates eleven fields in its “Center of Excellence.” Three of which are state of the art field turf added in 2008, 2013 and 2016 to facilitate additional training time. The club also includes a full-service goalkeeping program as well as speed and agility training.

WPFC has played in nine National Championships, 31 Regional Championships, won almost every major event in the youth soccer, developed eight us national team players and helped hundreds of players achieve NCAA Division I & II scholarships. The club is progressively looking at ways to advance it’s program and players who continue to push to higher levels year in and year out.  The commitment to excellence that WPFC sets few others can achieve.

Club History

WPFC Draws on the combined History of FC Royals and FC United

The FC Royals roots can be traced back to 1970 when Dan Swain was asked by his daughter, Stephanie, why there was no soccer for girls. She practiced with the boys, enjoyed the game, and wanted to play soccer on her brother’s soccer team coached by her dad. Dan was told girls could not play on boys teams, and since no girls teams existed, the next season (1971-1972), Dan formed three of the first girls soccer teams in pierce county. Dan thought it was unfair to girls not to have the same athletic opportunities as boys and he started the U13 “Faststeps”, “Faststeps 1”, and “Faststeps 2.” By the 1972-1973 season, the then U14 Faststeps “Nortac Carreras” for the 1975-1976 season and as a U16 team won the first state championship in what would become the first of many Royals state championships. Dan continued to coach this team for the next four years (each year winning the state championship for their age group) and at the end of the 1979-1980 season, the then named “Sweetfoot-Carrera”, a u-19 girl’s team, not only won the state championship, but won the Region IV (Western part of the US) Championship and placed third at the National Youth Soccer Championships held during the summer of 1980.

At the same time that Dan was developing his coaching skills and bringing the opportunity to play high-level soccer to young women, Jim Lane was starting his association with soccer. Jim’s daughter, Valerie, came home in 1977 complaining about how her soccer coach did not know how to teach the players the basic skills that were needed to be a competitive team. Jim volunteered to take over the coaching responsibilities of the Norpoint Pointers with little background in soccer. Jim’s other daughter, Stacey, had played for the Norpoint Dashers against one of Dan Swain’s teams, and Stacey quickly told her father where the best girl’s soccer was being played in the area. Jim’s first games as a coach were frustrating for all involved, but Jim is nothing if not persistent, and started to attend Dan’s team practices to observe how to improve his team’s development. During the next season, Valerie Lane and her teammates decided that their team name of “Pointers” was not appropriate and borrowed part of the team name from a successful boy’s Norpoint soccer team (the “Royals”) and the first girls “Royals” team was formed. This U12 team played for Jim Lane in the 1978-1979 season.

Jim and Dan started to work together more in the 1979-1980 season when Stacey Lane tried out and was selected to be on Dan’s “Team Adidas” team. Jim decided that “if you can’t beat them, join them”, or in this case, “recruit him,” and Jim and Dan jointly formed the “FC Royals” U16 team for the 1984-1985 season. Initially, the state youth soccer authorities would not let the royals team compete in the premier league because there were already two District III teams signed up. However, logic and common sense prevailed (along with some shouting) and the team that planted the seeds for the club that exists today started its season.

When the season ended, the team had a record of 66-10-10 with a State Championship (prevailing over the Albion Reds 2-1, the predecessor of today’s Highline Eagles teams) and a third place at the Region IV Championships in Boise, Idaho. In the following years, the Football Club Royals joined the Tacoma/Pierce County Junior Soccer Association as one of its affiliated associations (1988) and was formerly established as a non-profit educational organization (1989). Teams were added each year such that today, every age group from u-11 through u-18 has a Royals team.

The goal of everyone associated with the FC Royals organization was established early on by Dan Swain and Jim Lane: to have every graduating player attend college with the help of soccer and/or academic scholarships, since excellence and equal opportunity in female athletics is an important step in achieving overall economic and social equality for women. Since the organization’s start, virtually every graduating royals player has gone on to play and often coach soccer in college, with some achieving prominence at the national and international level. By participating in competitive soccer, young women gain access to more financial aid options for college, coaching and other career opportunities in sports, and the specialized training, personal growth and overall satisfaction associated with trying to “be the best you can be.”

Club Legacy

Our Combined History Since 1971 has Produced:

  • 5 National Championship Titles
  • 4 National Finalists
  • 22 Regional Championship Titles
  • 9 Regional Finalist Appearances
  • 6 Regional 3rd place appearances
  • 51 Regional 4th place appearances
  • 116 Regional Quarter-Finalist appearances
  • 148 Regional appearances
  • 142 State Championship titles
  • 113 State Championship finalists
  • 6 Far West Regional NW division league titles
  • 8 Northwest Champions League titles
  • 2 Gatorade player of the year (WA & ID)
  • Our players selected for ODP (state & regional)
  • Teams and student-athletes and national ranked.
  • Teams traveling across the united states.
  • Student-athletes earned scholarships to the top US colleges/universities.
  • Student-athletes selected as US Rhodes Scholars
  • Student-athletes selected as All-Conference Academic selections
  • Student-athletes selected as All-Conference selections
  • Student-athletes selected as Conference scholar of the year
  • Student-athletes selected as Conference player of the year
  • Student-athletes selected as Collegiate Regional All-Americans
  • Student-athletes selected as Collegiate National All-Americans
  • Student-athletes selected as scholar athlete of the year
  • Student-athletes selected for National residency programs
  • Student-athletes selected for US Soccer national teams and pools
  • Student-athletes drafted to the professional ranks of MLS, WPS, NWSL, and Europe









Club Leadership

Washington Premier FC is governed by its Board of Directors.  Approximately one-Half of the board is elected annually by the members. Please refer to the Bylaws for more information about how we are governed.

Our Leadership is made up of the following individuals:


Peter Eckblad


Dave Comfort


Jeff Boulet


Julia Cho


Andy Johnson


Vic Leverett


Pat O’Neil


Jed Woodward


Tami Udovich

Club Staff Positions

The following are Staff positions and currently not part of the Board of Directors:

Club Registrar

Kelley Jean


Cheryl Mercuri


Kristine Spidahl

Webmaster/Referee Assignor

Dave Miller

Rainier Challenge Tournament Director


River Jam Tournament Director


Junior Jamboree Director


Copyrights and Trademarks

Usage Guidelines

Club Logo

Proper Usage


Unless otherwise noted, all materials and publications, including web sites and emails, are protected as the copyrights, trade dress and or intellectual properties owned by Pierce County Soccer Association (“PCSA”) and Washington Premier FC (“WPFC”). Such intellectual properties may not be reproduced or used by others without the express written permission of PCSA/WPFC. All rights not expressly granted are reserved.


The WPFC trademarks, logos, services marks, brand identities, titles, trade names, graphics, designs and copyrights (collectively the “trademarks”) are protected intellectual properties that are both registered and unregistered trademarks of PCSA, its affiliates and others. Nothing used on clothing, uniforms, publications, web sites or other materials shall be construed as granting, by implication or otherwise, as a license or right to use any PCSA/WPFC trademark by third parties.

Washington Premier FC Logo

The Washington Premier FC Logo (“WPFC logo”) is available for certain authorized usage by PCSA, the WPFC board of directors, premier-affiliated teams and certain pre-authorized suppliers and vendors. Unauthorized use of the WPFC logo is strictly prohibited, and may subject an infringing party to criminal prosecution.

Proper Washington Premier FC logo usage

The WPFC logo is to be recognized as the official club logo, and if used, it must be presented in its entirety without modification, on such merchandise and/or materials including but not limited to the following:
• soccer kits and other apparel, bags, hats, pins, patches, etc.
• press releases and newsletters
• posters, banners, field boards
• print or broadcast ads
• electronic mediums, websites, on-site signage
• registration forms, applications, etc.
• marketing or informational brochures and materials

Logo usage by PCSA and Washington Premier-affiliated teams

Current PCSA employees and member teams of WPFC are granted a limited license to use the WPFC logo for newsletters and team web sites for identification purposes as long as the logo is not altered or combined with other symbols, nor used in a manner inconsistent with the goals and mission of PCSA. This limited license may be revoked at any time by either PCSA or WPFC for individuals or teams who, in the opinion of either PCSA and/or WPFC, do not adhere to PCSA/WPFC policies. In such instances, and upon the written or oral request of PCSA or WPFC, all usage of the WPFC logo and Washington Premier name must cease immediately. All current Washington Premier-affiliated teams are further permitted to use the WPFC logo on team tents, practice t-shirts, scrimmage vests, team and team sponsor banners and signs, as well as on sponsor recognition plaques and similar gifts without seeking prior approval from PCSA or WPFC.

If permission for a commercial purpose is granted, such as a team fund raising activity, all proceeds from those sales must go directly into team accounts and not to an individual or individuals’ personal bank accounts. Note – teams should not place purchase orders with vendors for any WPFC logo bearing items prior to gaining written approval (which may be approved or denied) of WPFC. Any written permission granted for such limited commercial purpose may be revoked at any time by WPFC for individuals or teams who do not adhere to WPFC policies.

Logo use Specifications

The WPFC logo must always be used in the same proportions. It is intended to be used as a unit, and it must not be altered or modified from its standard form. All applications of the logo must use all colors properly as outlined. No other colors may be substituted in a color rendition. For non-color renditions, either 100% black or 100% white is acceptable. If logo is presented in 100% white, it can only be placed on a black background. If logo is presented in 100% black, it can only be placed on a solid white or gray background. A graphics free zone should be maintained around the perimeter of the logo. No lettering, lines, or images may cross over or hide the elements of the logo.

Club Sponsors

As wpfc acquires club sponsors, use of the club sponsor’s logo may be granted for marketing materials and apparel. Use/placement of the presenting sponsor’s logo is subject to the following:
• Sponsor logo usage must be submitted for approval prior to any use in conjunction with the WPFC logo, kits, team banners, and tents.
• the size of the presenting sponsor’s logo cannot be larger than the size of the WPFC logo.
• placement of both logos must be indicated when submitted.

Branded Apparel

The WPFC logo is required on all club merchandise including but not limited to: kit, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, hats etc. When screened or embroidered on apparel items, the logo must be at least 2.5” wide. For all apparel purchases or for fundraising wearable items, club sponsor merchandise must be used and supplied by an authorized vendor.

All described uses of the PCSA/ WPFC logo in the foregoing guidelines for any commercial purpose whatsoever must receive the prior written approval of PCSA and/or WPFC. Please submit requests for using the WPFC logo to: contact the Washington premier secretary. Please allow 7-10 business days for a submitted approval.

A distinct, consistent and well-managed visual identity stemming from this crest logo system will help Washington Premier FC  build its reputation and gain greater recognition in all manners of communication.  Any publication or other printed material that will be seen by anyone outside of Washington Premier FC must have a WPFC logo somewhere on it.  Please submit requests for access to the WPFC logo to our Webmaster along with your size specifications. Please allow 1-2 days for a submitted approval.   The WPFC logo above are for display only. We are happy to work with you to provide the proper logo sized to fit your needs.