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Kristina "Special K" Nelson
Girls ’96 White

’96 White keeper Kristina Nelson currently carrying a 0.9 GAA. Nelson also excels in the classroom, carrying a 3.78 G.P.A., with her favorite subject in school being language arts. In her free time, when not playing soccer, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and of course, doing every teen’s favorite pastime - "texting."  Come take a closer look at this WPFC stellar student-athlete selected for the September female Player Spotlight. 

Club Experience
2007 - WPFC
2005 - 2007 Synergy F.C.
1999 - 2005 Auburn Rec

Soccer Resume
2007 Synergy GU-11 Champions of the Commissioners Cup
2008 Starfire Sports Labor Day GU-12 Champions
2008 Puma Rimland Pacific Tournament GU-12 Champions
2009 Nike Crossfire Challenge Tournament GU-13 Champions
2009 Rainer Challenge Cup Tournament GU-13 Champions
2009 US Club National CUP IX  WA Tournament GU-13 Finalist
2009 Selected to play in Austria through People to People foundation
2010 GRFC Winter Classic Tournament  GU-13 Finalist
2010 State Cup Tournament GU-13 Semi Finalist
2010 Rainer Challenge Cup Tournament  GU-14 Champions

Abraham Lincoln said, "Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree." Our character is not just what we try to display for others to see, it is who we are even when no one is watching. Good character is doing the right thing because it is right to do what is right. Character is also the first thing mentioned on the WPFC website as the mission for the club: …"an experience that will guide the development of their character, athletic, academic and leadership abilities and their sense of community."

Kristina Nelson joined the G’96 White squad, as fulltime goalkeeper, after spending the past two years splitting the duty for the ’96 Black team. Prior to coming to Premier, she spent time as first team keeper for Synergy F.C.

Kristina has character. She embodies what it means to be a teammate and leader. When most athletes in the same situation would decide to leave to find a different club to play, she on the other hand, has embraced the move as an opportunity and is flourishing in her new role. At a rangy 6’1” she is very agile and quick to come off her line she has flourished in her new role and has been a source of inspiration to her teammates.

Since the first day of training, she has proven to be quite an asset to our team. Kristina trains just as hard as any other player regardless of her position and attends both team and goalie trainings weekly.

Superlatives abound concerning this student-athlete, "Phenomenal save”, “Awesome game”, “We are so lucky to have you on our team", "Mom, Kristina is an awesome goalie!" Kristina is a great example of dedication and a true team player. She is consistently one of the hardest workers at training. Kristina is the type of player that leads by example, yet is always ready to give words of encouragement to a teammate.

Kristina is an intimidating presence between the pipes with a 35 inch wingspan; it’s no coincidence that the team’s recent success has a lot to do with the addition of this special student-athlete. Recently, at the Rainier Challenge tournament our team advanced to the finals and the match was forced to be decided by kicks from the mark.

She’s currently carrying a 0.9 GAA (Goals Against Average) and even scored the winning goal in the eighth round of penalty shoot out in the finals of the Rainier Challenge. The ‘96 White team had not had much experience in shoot-outs prior to this tournament. Kristina told the team “Don’t worry ladies, you will be great. I’ve been in this situation many times before and we will be fine!” As a Coach, what’s not to love when your keeper makes that statement to the team and then goes on too backs it up! Many of us will not soon forget the look on Kristina’s face after she scored that goal, nor the sight of the entire team rushing over to congratulate and tackle her in excitement.

She is an amazing keeper but an even a better person. It’s great to celebrate the college scholarships and championships, but as the NCAA commercial says, "there are over 360,000 student-athletes and just about all will be going pro in something other than sports.” Either way, Kristina is on the path to success.

“Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.”
 Eliza Tabor

Hey Kristina this is Everett, washingtonpremierfc.com’s webmaster. I am happy to announce that you have been selected as the female "Player on the Rize" for the month of August.
How old are you?
May I ask what is your nationality?
Haha... I liked to be called S.W.I.B. (Swedish, Indian, White and Black)
Does anyone else in your family play soccer?
Not yet, I am trying to teach my sister that is 3.
At what age you started playing soccer?
Have you always played keeper?
No I played defender for 6 years prior.
Have you always played for premier? If not what other clubs have you played for? Auburn Rec for 6, for Synergy for 1, and at WPFC this is my 3rd year.
Who got you interested in playing the keeper position?
I was playing indoor soccer as a defender and are keeper got hurt, so the coach asked us who wanted to play keeper and no one stepped up to the plate so I did it and have been there every since. Started playing keeper at age 10.

Kristina makes a save during her last match versus NW Nations this weekend.
JayKam Photography

What is your current g.p.a?
What school do you currently attend?
Mount Baker Middle school in Auburn, WA
Favorite subject in school?
Language Arts, because I enjoy spelling and reading.
Favorite teacher?
Ms. Johnston, she is cool and she very supportive.
Least favorite subject?
Math, because I just don’t get it sometimes.
Favorite genre of music? R&B & Rap
Favorite songs playing on your ipod?
There goes my baby, Hey Daddy’s home, U don’t have to call, U got it bad, OMG, DJ got us Fallin’ in love. 
Ok so I guess is a no brainer Usher Raymond is your favorite artist?
What do you like to do away from the pitch?
Hang with friends and texting.
Favorite WPS player and team?
Player definitely Hope Solo and my favorite team would be the Gold Pride.
Rarely does a player of your caliber stay with a club if not chosen to play for the "black"  team... what made you?
I enjoy playing for WPFC and just because I wasn’t secected for the black team this season it doesn’t mean I’ll give up. I’m no quitter!
What do you like about playing for your new coach?
Henry is the type of coach that is more for the overall progression of the team and not just for the win.  I feel Henry wants to help improve my skill.
Who do you consider your team’s arch rival?
I’m not really too sure with this team yet, but I feel nervous energy against every opponent every time I’m in my box.
What are your goals as an individual and for your team?
My personal goal for myself are to continue to improve, and keep from getting scored on. As for my team goals, I would like to see our team move up at least one tier and win a state championship.   

Last question... When someone watches you play, what impression would you like to leave them?
I would like people to be blown away by my effort to help my team succeed.

Kristina this concludes our interview this evening. Thank you for taking time out of your evening for this interview. In closing I’d like to say that I throughly enjoyed interviewing you. Good luck in your upcoming season.
Thank you.

I would also like to thank ’96 White Coach - Henry Robicheau, Team Manager - Patty Harper, and Paula Manning for all helping with this month’s "Rize" article.

Washington Premier F.C. players, parents, and fans, a club as large as ours makes it nearly impossible to get to know each and every player. To help bridge this gap and learn more about our players, each month we will highlight at least one WPFC "Player on the Rize." Please feel free to nominate a "Player on the Rize" and be sure to include why you think he or she should be considered.

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